So, last week I started going to my dream university, Chelsea College of art, studying Graphic Design Communication.

Because of that, this blog will be my constant diary of my time here. It will include posts hopefully every couple of days updating on what I’ve been working on or what I have produced. Sometimes there will be an explanation of what I’m doing, other times it will just be pictures of inspiration.

I am so excited to get started.

What an irregular blog I have. Oh dear.

Family trip to Hayling Island for my birthday…

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Wow, it’s been a long time. Oh well, I was busy, excuses excuses blah blah blah…

I can not be bothered to write up my FMP right now, I’ll leave that for another day.


In the meantime, It was May bank holiday and me and my family decided to take a trip to the beach, we always go to Bournemouth beach and it was getting a little boring, so this time we went to Hayling Island instead. Apart from the standard tacky amusements, it was quite a nice place! There is a shop that sells amazing ice cream, I had candy floss and we rode a tiny train. What more could you want from a day at the beach?

(The ice cream was white chocolate and cookies and cream, it was divine.)

Here are the photos:


This next project is a long one, this is week one of four. This brief is spilt into many different parts, one section is a live project set by a company called The Beggar’s Banquet. They are a small organisation that holds banquets made entirely from food waste products, that is food that supermarkets throw out because it ‘doesn’t look right’ or something that they couldn’t sell.

The brief is to produce an advertising campaign for The Beggar’s Banquet including a logo, slogan and strap lines and 1 poster for their next event, ‘The Spring Fling’. In addition, the brief asks to produce a Guerrilla advertising concept and to make Sustainability Information Pack.

Here are some previous posters The Beggar’s Banquet has produced:

Previous posters

This first week I have just been getting my hear around the brief and drawing out some initial ideas. Pinterest has inspired me a lot when looking at food type and has lead me to some amazing designers:

Begger's Banquet2

Jessica Hische has particularly inspired me and I love the work she has produced for Starbucks!

Begger's Banquet1

I went with the idea of icing a cake in a specific type, writing ‘Spring Fling’, I practiced a few times using butter icing and an icing pump.


Here is the poster I made, I’m not too sure on the date or venue yet, so I will add that throughout the week when I find out. This is obviously just developments as it’s only week one, but I do like the final result.

Cake edit 1

We began specialising in Graphic Design with a short one week project, then moved onto a three week project called Inventions. The brief was to take an item from a given list and create an advertising campaign for that item as if it had just been invented.

I chose a lightbulb from the list, I don’t know why, it just stood out to me and I felt like I could achieve the brief. We began with initial ideas, making mind maps and bouncing ideas off of one another. My idea ended up being based on everyday actions and how difficult it would be to do them without a lightbulb. The tagline would then be something like ‘Don’t risk it, get a lightbulb’. I had two main ideas, the first being a women dressed up to go to work, but her make up would be a complete mess. The second would be the subject eating something either in a really messy way, or something disgusting.

The two ideas worked out fairly well, I prefer the make up one, but don’t particularly dislike the ice cream one.

Landscape adtype2

I think I just like the pure emotion in this photo, it really shows the shock and her reaction to what she looks like. It was a one off shot, but I’m really glad I got it. The subject, Abi Knee, is a crazy girl, this is her personality in a photo. I think that’s why I like it so much.

Landscape poster2

This next one I like because of her facial expression and the focal point of the ice cream. (Depth of field is down to my new pretty lens I mentioned. I love it!)

And that’s Inventions.

I am continuing my series of postcards and have done three more since my previous post.

My friends and I were talking about really encouraging bible verses and our favourite ones at that point in time and we each shared one or two verses. When I wanted to make another postcard like the previous two, I thought it would be a really nice idea to use the verses my friends had shared with me. This way they can use the graphics to remind them of that specific verse at various times, whether that be a phone background, in their rooms or even at college/work on their folders.

Some verses were really long and I felt the postcards didn’t work well with a paragraph of writing on them, because of this, I only used a sentence from each verse.

The first is Joshua 1:9, I really like the image in this one, it was taken with a disposable camera and I added a gaussian blur in photoshop.

Postcard graphic Joshua1-9

The second is Psalm 73, this image is a lot brighter than the others, and I feel like the type is lost a little, however, I still like the final outcome.

Postcard graphics Psalm 73

The third is really short and sweet, however, the verse was really long and I struggled to find a sentence in it that took the overall message of the verse. Although, I really like the image and how the final graphic looked. I really liked this verse and it’s become one of my favourites.


I will continue to post as I create the graphics.

Throughout my 3D/Architecture project, I was cutting out various pieces of card and seeing how light and colour could effect the look of them, this lead to these images which I’ve posted before, but here is an example:


This reminded me of mountains, so I went onto drawing triangles in the style of a scenic landscape.


The blue colour from this previous image really caught my eye, so i decided to use blue and green tones. I used Adobe Photoshop to get rid of the outlines and fill the triangles with block colours, I made the crescent moon a yellow tone.


I thought the result looked a bit too solid and didn’t have enough depth, so I decided to add different textures, some rough textures and some floral.


I really liked the floral textures, it’s different to what I usually do, but I think it worked well. I changed the crescent moon to the left corner of the image as I think the curve looked a lot smoother, leading into the mountains. I also went from a hand rendered moon to a moon created on Photoshop, I think the hand rendered moon was too rough/bumpy and not sleek enough. The end result looked a lot neater.

For Christmas this year I got a Nikon 35mm 1.8 prime lens and it is beautiful! I only have one other lens, (Nikon 18-70mm) and it only goes down to a 3.5 aperture, so going from 3.5 to 1.8 was incredible.

This lens is really good for low light settings and just as good in the sunny outdoors, personally, I got it for it’s low light abilities and low aperture. I currently have a Nikon D70 which has a crop factor of 1.5x, that makes my 35mm a 52.5mm lens, which is the standard for a good portrait lens.

I have played around with the colour a little on photoshop, but the depth of field and light let in is all down to the lens.


I just love this lens! I would definitely recommend getting it.


This is just an example of the low light images this lens can create. There was only one light on in the room in this image and my previous lens would’ve created a much darker image, so for me this is a vast improvement.

Oh and this is my sister with one of her new recipe books, she got a fair few for Christmas.



Here is an image in direct sunlight. (This is my dog, Misty.)



Here is an image in the shade, the sun was very bright at this point. (This is my great granddad and my mother.)


Overall, I would recommend this lens to anyone. I just think it is amazing.

For the second edition of my graphics postcards, I chose the verse: Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer“.

I chose this verse because these are three things I need to be reminded of on a constant basis.

The original image is taken with a Nikon Film Camera in my back garden.

Postcard graphic Romans 12-12

I particularly like the colours in this one and the way the white type stands out, I prefer it to the previous.


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