This was not a fab project for me at the beginning of the two weeks, we each got given an object in which to create a fashion piece with. I got given socks. Although socks are fabric which is easy to sew, I just wasn’t inspired at all and had no idea where to start.

Once I had gotten into the project and my experimentation had developed a little, I started to get a design in my head for a skirt that I wanted to make. I drew out the design and started building it around some wire in order to keep it in shape.

I began my sewing together the ends of socks in rows to create a layered structure, I then added some socks which were stretched around thin cylinders in order to add a different texture and shape to the skirt. I also created small roses which I died blue to add a splash of colour.DSC_4357

It turned out to be a good project, but nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed handing it in!DSC_4354



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